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1405, 2024

Our First Acre

By |May 14, 2024|Categories: Updates|

We are Mitch and Michelle Lewis, and this is a story of how We became late-in-life newbie farmers in May 2021 and “Our First Acre”. Neither of us had farming backgrounds, though Mitch had small gardens over the years. His corporate career in telecommunications included living and working on several continents before we returned to WA state in early 2018. [...]

2701, 2024

Why You Don’t Have to Suck at Succulents! 

By |January 27, 2024|Categories: Updates|

Why You Don’t Have to Suck at Succulents!  We hear this a lot every week at the Farmers Market, “oh I’m terrible with plants and they don’t like me” while they’re looking at our cacti, succulents and vegetable starts. Here are ten things I’ve learned while raising and selling cacti that might be helpful for those of you who’ve gotten [...]

2101, 2024

Press Update:

By |January 21, 2024|Categories: Updates|

Mitch Lewis had no idea when he scaled Mount Everest that lessons he learned in climbing the highest peaks around the world would help operate a Thurston County regenerative farm and gathering space. But that’s exactly what happened. And today, Summit Farms reflects the values he and spouse Michelle gathered along a global journey that brought them to their farm’s 28 bucolic [...]

1212, 2023


By |December 12, 2023|Categories: Updates|

It is a term I was not familiar with before I became a farmer; this ‘Overwintering.’  As our season concluded near the end of October, it was time to plant garlic, red shallots, and onions for spring reawakening – they will overwinter through rain, cold, snow and reduced light – kind of like us humans.  In my past corporate life, [...]

2205, 2023

Update: Thurston County Tourism Awards

By |May 22, 2023|Categories: Updates|

Update: June 6th: We were beyond excited to be nominated for the annual Thurston County Tourism Awards in the Boldness in Tourism category. Though we didn’t win, our gratitude and appreciation to the Experience Olympia and Beyond team for putting on a fabulous event with aerial performances, amazing food, art and great networking. Thank you Annette Pitts Jeff Bowe Melissa Elkins ! The local economic multipliers [...]

903, 2023

What I Learned About Growing From A Tomato Seed

By |March 9, 2023|Categories: Updates|

[Thanks to the magic of A.I. and the emerging field of Biophysics Agra Communications (B.A.C.), -wink- I was able to interview one of my Cherokee Purple tomato seeds, just before they were sown and then reborn.] Farmer Mitch: Good morning seed, what should I call you? Cherokee Purple: Good morning, Farmer and thank you for asking! My Latin name is Solanum lycpersicum, [...]

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