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2205, 2023

Update: Thurston County Tourism Awards

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Update: June 6th: We were beyond excited to be nominated for the annual Thurston County Tourism Awards in the Boldness in Tourism category. Though we didn’t win, our gratitude and appreciation to the Experience Olympia and Beyond team for putting on a fabulous event with aerial performances, amazing food, art and great networking. Thank you Annette Pitts Jeff Bowe Melissa Elkins ! The local economic multipliers [...]

903, 2023

What I Learned About Growing From A Tomato Seed

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[Thanks to the magic of A.I. and the emerging field of Biophysics Agra Communications (B.A.C.), -wink- I was able to interview one of my Cherokee Purple tomato seeds, just before they were sown and then reborn.] Farmer Mitch: Good morning seed, what should I call you? Cherokee Purple: Good morning, Farmer and thank you for asking! My Latin name is Solanum lycpersicum, [...]

2112, 2022


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THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS (MARKET) * 2022, 13th Edition Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Summit Farms - Mitch, Michelle, Sadie & DeSoto T’was the night before the Christmas Market, Everybody was last-minute shopping, no room to car-park it, When all through the land, All the creatures were stirring, iPhone 14s in hand. Wishes and dreams were hung [...]

1511, 2022

Upside-Down Garlic

By |November 15, 2022|Categories: The Funny Farmer|

“Perfect is the enemy of good.” Voltaire, 1770    UNTIL LAST YEAR, I had never sat on, let alone owned or operated a tractor.  I had never been in a barn and could not have told you the difference between a Root Cellar and a Milk Parlor.  Then we bought a farm.  The mistakes I’ve made – so far – [...]

1011, 2022

Top 10 Reasons To Choose Summit Farms for Your Clients

By |November 10, 2022|Categories: Updates|

1. Location, Location, Location! We are located about an hour south of Seattle International Airport (SeaTac), and less than ten minutes from Interstate 5 (I5); yet the 28 acres of natural beauty will transport you and your team to rural, rustic environment including a century-old homestead, working organic methods farm and a heritage-listed big red barn. 2. Stress-Free Logistics [...]

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