The Summit Farms Market

Summit Farms is focused on growing from seed to start to produce and selling seasonal vegetables, herbs, and succulents at the Olympia and Tumwater Farmer’s Markets. We are selling most every Saturday and some Sundays this year from April and continuing through October (when the holiday hours begin). Our grow plans for 2024 include:

  • Seasonal Starts (April – June): Peppers, Tomatoes/Tomatillos, Cucumbers, Zucchini/Squash, Sunflowers, Pumpkins
  • Seasonal Herbs – Starts and Produce (April – October): Cilantro, Basil, Dill, Rosemary, Lemon Herb, and others.
  • Early – Late Season Produce (succession plantings; May – October): Lettuce (Romaine and Mixed, Carrots
  • Seasonal Onions, Scallions and Garlic (April – October): Red Wethersfield, Yellow Rock and White Ebenezer Onions/scallions, Red Shallots; Elephant, Music, Northern White and German Hardneck Garlic varieties (and garlic scapes June)
  • Seasonal Produce (July – October): Cucumbers (Asian, Yellow, Marketmore), Peppers (Jalapeno, Yellow Wenks, Cheyenne, Cayenne, Shishito, Serrano, Poblano, Habanero, Thai Hot), Tomatoes: (Pink Bumblebee, Washington Cherry, New Girl, Valencia, Roma), Tomatillos (Toma Verde).  Various Zucchini and Summer/Winter Squash (Butternut), fall Corn and Pumpkins.
  • Sunflowers: We plant and grow several varieties of Sunflowers, from mini (Teddy Bear to Strawberry Blonde and Starbright Supreme) to giants; largely for the beauty, birds and bees, but we also sell seasonal starts and occasionally the cut flowers, while saving seeds for replanting and eating.
  • Succulents (Year Round): We grow and propagate a wide variety of local and Southwest cacti and succulents, with an emphasis on the uniqueness of the container, quality and longevity of the plant, and hardiness. We also offer a “Succulent Creation Class” for families or groups to learn how to create your own and take home your own custom creation.
  • Bamboo: Our old-growth bamboo grove has some specimens over 35 feet tall and we sell these in various (transportable) lengths that people use for walking sticks, plant support, or even crafts like wind-chimes or flutes.  U-cut by appointment.
  • Pumpkins – We are targeting to have a small Pumpkin Patch and Sunflower Garden open on the farm during October 2024, and selling starts and produce as available.
Summit Farms Overview and 2023 Grow Plan
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