Community Partnerships

We believe in the Power of Partnerships in our local communities. Mitch and Michelle are Certified Tourism Ambassadors and love working with and recommending other local vendors from the Olympia Farmers Market and other hospitality experiences along Thurston Bountiful Byway. We try to buy local wherever we can supporting other small farmers or ranchers.

We partner with public and private organizations that also share our environmental conservation mission, and support local family farmers like ourselves. We are extremely appreciative for the work of the many individuals and teams that have personally helped us and many others become better growers, while protecting our valuable bio-diverse farmland for generations to follow.  We offer our continuing thanks to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the U.S. NRCS and USDA/WSDA, the Thurston Conservation District (TCD) has been especially supportive in a number of areas including our Voluntary Conservation Plan and Native Plant Sales.  The 12-week WSU Cultivating Success course we took over the winter was an important step in our learning curve and the educators, information and cohorts are still paying off in farm benefits.  Working with groups such as Conservation Farm Land Trust (CFLT), we are active in promoting sustainable, natural and beneficial long-term farming methods including permaculture.  The Economic Development Council (EDC) has been invaluable in helping us put together a long-term vision, with a business and financial plan to support growing the business in partnership with the community. 

We are looking for WWOOFers for May through October 2024 and are always interested in apprentices or part-time university students.

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The Experience Olympia team and the Visitors Bureau are a key part of our Agri-Tourism strategy – including currently holding a head position for the County Advisory board – and we are supporters of The Bountiful Byway, supporting other local farms, ranches, lodging, entertainment and crafting businesses. We market and sell our starts, succulents, seedlings and produce through the Olympia and Tumwater Farmer’s Markets, South Sound Fresh and pop-up sales on local locations – plus we’re always open for free delivery service (on orders over $20 plus get a free start) within a local 10-mile radius.