We are super proud and grateful to be awarded a grant from the Tilth Alliance – WA State Organic and Sustainable Farming Fund that completes more than 500’ of additional critter-resistant fencing, tractor gates, and many yards of organic soil, and mushroom compost (to build on the lime/cover crops we’ve been rehabilitating this field with).  This will give us an additional potential of 6×5000 sq.ft. future growing plots for the likes of corn, squash, pumpkins and other vegetables including two dedicated for Community/School Gardens and to benefit the Food Bank. 

This is the 2nd significant dollar grant we’ve won this year and we are very appreciative to those that have supported us on our farm-journey so far including the <link to> Thurston Conservation District, Washington State University, Community Farm Land Trust and the USDA. The previous award was for the 96’x30’x14’ gothic high tunnel (‘Greenhouse’) from the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) <link> that is due to be inaugurated <pic6292, 6101,6736,6530> in mid-July. The almost 3,000 sq. ft. of indoor growing space is huge for our hothouse crops like tomatoes and peppers, and we’re hoping to get in a crop of carrots and lettuce for late fall harvest.