We were so blessed in May and June to host our five local school busloads of kindergarteners, first graders, teachers, and parents from the Olympia School District here before the end of the school year. Coming from ORLA, Centennial, Pioneer, Madison and Boston Harbor, these kids were incredibly intelligent, energetic, and oftentimes hilarious!

It gave me a new, even if just a slice of appreciation for dads and moms and teachers – and seeing the students learning and running and having pure fun in nature like kiddos should do was so heartwarming. I put them to good work like farmhands, pulling (and eating) carrots was a huge hit plus they snapped garlic scapes, pulled red shallots, and lettuce for sale. They set up a digging station near the creek and helped make a nice clearing. The kiddos did scavenger hunts spotting a bald eagle, snakes, studied seeds under microscopes and then planted and took them home in pots. Of course, the swing set and lil golf area was popular but the bamboo grove was the favorite along with banging on the musical instruments in the upper barn. The field-trips were coordinated at the District science-level, and to observe the kids learning about “seed to stomach” and where our fruits and vegetables come from was so amazing. We’ll have a better idea in the fall about future field-trips that might include your own kid’s school for either fall or spring!